Cash Assistance is Available

To apply for Cash Assistance (Cash Aid) you must meet the eligibility requirements, which include; income, need, and citizenship. Also, your citizenship and immigration status can determine whether or not you are eligible to receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. If you have a dependent child and have not been able to support them due

5 Facts About Employee Loans

Good Credit and Good Finance Launch Employee Loan Features, Here Are 5 Facts! – Good Credit’s peer-to-peer lending service provider partners with the Good Finance payroll management application by launching an employee loan feature on the Good Finance platform. Apply for loans to Good Credit This collaboration allows employees of users of the Good Finance company

Low Income Credit.

Almost everyone has wishes and needs in some way. That is independent of wealth and the available financial means. Because even middle-class people sometimes want to afford something, whether for self-confirmation or as a status object. The needs are often of a material nature, for example a car, a house, expensive clothing or certain jewelry.