5 Facts About Employee Loans

Good Credit and Good Finance Launch Employee Loan Features, Here Are 5 Facts! – Good Credit’s peer-to-peer lending service provider partners with the Good Finance payroll management application by launching an employee loan feature on the Good Finance platform.

Apply for loans to Good Credit

Apply for loans to Good Credit

This collaboration allows employees of users of the Good Finance company to apply for loans to Good Credit. Then, they pay the loan with an installment system that is deducted from their salaries.

The following is more information about Good Finance and Good Credit employee loans.

1. Answering the cash bill requirements

Sean Cole as CEO and Co-Founder of Good Finance divulge cash receipts or employee loans is one feature that is quite widely used by Good Finance users.

“The collaboration between Good Finance and Good Credit allows Good Finance user companies to offer loan facilities to their employees more freely and without burdening the company’s finances,” he explained.

2. Meet the needs and increase employee productivity


Besides being able to meet the needs of employees, Benedicto Haryono as CEO and Co-founder of Good Credit added, users of this employee loan facility can get more competitive interest.

“So that employees can remain focused and productive without the shadow of unmet needs due to lack of funds,” said the man who is familiarly called Ben.

Thus, this employee loan facility can help increase employee retention and productivity, especially developing companies or SMEs in Indonesia.

3. Submit through Employee Self Service

For those of you, employees of companies using Good Finance who want to enjoy this facility, register yourself at Good Credit via the “Benefide” menu on the Good Finance platform.

If the registration has been approved, then you can apply for a loan through the Employee Self Service feature in Good Finance.

4. Technology support makes it easy to apply for a loan


When registering, employees no longer need to upload documents as terms and conditions for applying for loans.

This is because Good Finance has archived the documents needed so that the registration and loan application will be easier and more practical.

This way you don’t have to waste time going through the long process of applying for a loan.

Furthermore, if the loan you have proposed has been approved, the employee can choose a tenor, which is 6, 9, or 12 months. Tables for loans and installments per month can be seen on the Good Finance platform.

Later, loan repayments will be deducted from employee salaries automatically, then the company will be deposited to Good Credit.

5. Discharge before the Good Finance 2018

As is known, before Good Finance, the short-term financial needs of the Indonesian people tend to increase. Maybe, you need extra money to prepare for the THR, going home, or on vacation.

Well, this employee loan can be an appropriate alternative so that needs outside of work can be met.

Yes, this partnership between Good Credit and Good Finance has increasingly strengthened Good Finance’s position as a platform for activating financial technology (fintech enabler).

Previously, Good Finance had collaborated with Good Finance Cash Management related to payment of employee salaries.

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