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On July 13, 2010, the Obama administration released the National HIV / AIDS Strategy (NHAS), the country’s first comprehensive roadmap to tackle the HIV epidemic. The strategy provided concrete targets on reducing new transmissions and increasing access to prevention, treatment and care. A decade later, the Trump administration released the third version of NHAS, renamed the National HIV Strategic Plan (HNSP), aligning the national HIV strategy with the federal Ending the HIV Epidemic (EHE) initiative, to achieve the goal of ending the HIV epidemic by 2030.

For decades, networks of people living with HIV have advocated for a national HIV strategy that goes beyond a biomedical response to the epidemic – a strategy that incorporates quality of life and care for people living with HIV and significantly involves the leadership and expertise of people living with HIV. HIV in its planning and implementation.

Please join us for a discussion with the Positive Women’s Network-USA, the US People Living with HIV Caucus, the New York Transgender Advocacy Group and the National Working Positive Coalition on “Demanding Better: An HIV Federal Policy Agenda by People Living with HIV ”.

We would love to hear your questions. Please submit all questions for our distinguished panel via email to or on Twitter using #HumanizingHIVRresponse. Live captioning will be available on Zoom and on the YouTube livestream.

Introductory remarks:
Ronald johnson (He / Him), President, US People Living with HIV Caucus
Sharita gruberg (Elle), Vice-President, LGBTQ Research and Communications, Center for American Progress

Naina Khanna (Elle / Elles), Co-Executive Director, Positive Women’s Network-USA
Mark Misrok (He / They), Co-Founder and Executive Director, National Working Positive Coalition
Kiara Saint-James (She / She), Co-Founder and Executive Director of the New York Transgender Advocacy Group

Jamille Fields Allsbrook (She / She), Director, Women’s Initiative, Center for American Progress

Concluding remarks:
Harold J. Phillips (He / Him), Director of the Office of National AIDS Policy, White House

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