Big Budget and Many Other New Florida Laws Set to Take Effect July 1 – Tampa, FL


Tallahassee, Florida – Florida’s latest law comes into effect Thursday. This includes the largest budget ever, a ban on trans-athletic sports and take-out drinks.

Here is a list of the biggest changes scheduled for July 1.

budget(SB 2500)-Sign

Florida’s fiscal year 2021-2022 budget is the largest in state history at $ 101.5 billion. Supported by federal dollars, $ 22.8 billion for kindergarten through high school education, $ 625 million for water projects like the restoration of the Everglades and the fight against rising sea levels, a bonus for teachers and first responders Includes an additional $ 9.5 billion in reserves.

Campaign funding (SB 1890)-Sign

The “Anti-John Morgan” bill (now a law) limits the amount a person can donate to a committee working to make a constitutional amendment on the Florida ballots. The nickname SB 1890 comes from prominent Orlando lawyer John Morgan, who helped raise the state’s minimum wage and raised money for an amendment to legalize medical marijuana. The new law limits individual committee donations to $ 3,000.

Imposition (SB 7061)-Sign

Many of this year’s tax reduction programs will go into effect on July 1. Lawmakers say they will save taxpayers $ 168 million through various sales tax exemptions and other provisions. Freedom Week runs July 1-7, saving you taxes on outdoor recreation purchases and tickets to events and museums. The “new semester tax holiday” will also be back from July 31 to August 9.

School selection (HB 7045)-Sign

Members of Congress expanded the Florida School Voucher Program in 2021. One of the main provisions of the new law is to increase the family income limit for children to qualify. This policy also removes the rule that requires students to register and attend public schools and removes the current waiting list of qualified students.


Lawmakers abolished the controversial M-CORES project this year. He is said to have built and extended toll roads throughout the state. SB 100 almost completely abandons the idea and directs the use of M-CORES funds for other transport projects. This includes plans to expand the Florida Turnpike.

Real estate insurance (SB 76)-Sign

The new law aims to reduce overall home insurance premiums through several provisions. This limits attorney fees in disputes against insurance companies, reduces the time limit for filing claims from three to two years, and prevents contractors from requiring homeowners to file claims for roof repairs. You can also increase your rates with the state-linked Citizens Property Insurance Corporation.

Drinks to take away (SB 148)-Sign

The new law allows restaurants to sell alcoholic beverages that accompany the receipt or delivery of meals. DeSantis allowed the concept of a pandemic to offset the damage caused by the economic shutdown. It is now permanently codified in SB148.

Abandoned cemetery (HB 37)-Sign

A 10-member task force will be established under the direction of the State Department to investigate “the extent to which unmarked or abandoned African-American cemeteries and burials exist statewide.” The working group “also develops and recommends strategies for the identification and registration of cemeteries and burial sites…”.

Trans athlete (SB 1028)-Sign

The fairness of the women’s sports law may be the most controversial part of SB 1028. It bars transgender women from playing on high school or college sports teams. Gender is based on the biological sex of the student as shown on the student’s birth certificate, submitted at or near the student’s birth.

Online sales tax (SB 50)-Sign

Florida is expected to earn an additional $ 1 billion per year in state revenue as SB 50 goes into effect. Out-of-state online retailers are required to collect sales tax from Florida. The funds will then be used to replenish the state’s unemployment insurance resources freed up by the pandemic.

Social media (SB 7072)-Sign

If the Federal Court appeal fails, the new Unplatform Act seeks to prohibit social media companies from suspending a candidate’s account. Violators could be fined $ 250,000 per day for statewide applicants and $ 25,000 per day for other applicants. Businesses that own theme parks are exempt.

silent prayer (HB 529)-Sign

HB 529, which comes into effect before the next school year, requires public schools to set aside between one and two minutes for a moment of quiet reflection at the start of each school day. Teachers are prohibited from suggesting the nature of their remorse. The law also requires teachers to encourage parents to discuss moments of silence with their children.

University survey (HB 233)-Sign

Florida universities are required to assess “intellectual freedom and diversity of perspective” annually using surveys adopted by the State Board of Education and the Board of Trustees. The first results will be published on September 1, 2022. The State specifies that the participation of students and educators is voluntary and aims to measure their ability to express themselves freely.

Emergency management (SB 2006)-Sign

Following the local COVID-19 ordinance and blockade, the governor sought approval of SB 2006 from lawmakers. He gives his office the possibility of countering local orders during the health crisis. It also prevents businesses, governments and schools in the state from applying for a vaccination passport.

Foreign influence (HB 7017)-Sign

The new law is an attempt to suppress the influence of foreign governments like China. Higher education institutions are required to disclose foreign gifts of $ 50,000 or more and require careful screening of foreign scholars. Another bill, HB1523, which entered into force in October, targets industrial espionage and toughens penalties for intellectual property theft.

Agriculture(SB 88)-Sign

The Florida Farm Rights Act aims to reduce “nuisance” procedures by creating new, stronger liability protection for farm management in accordance with best practices. “Interference” is defined by law as “interference with the rational use and enjoyment of land, including, but not limited to noise, smoke, odors, dust, haze, particulate emissions or vibrations ”.


Establish new rules for civic education in Florida public schools. The law requires that the course of the US government include “a comparative discussion of political ideologies that contradict the principles of freedom and democracy in the founding principles of the country.”

Police reform (SB 7051)-On the desk

If signed by DeSantis, the provisions of the Florida Police Reform Bill will come into effect on July 1. This includes improving the use of law enforcement training for law enforcement, limiting chalk catches, improving case management to prevent bad guys from being hired and the suspension of the arrest of seven children. The youngest unless they commit compulsory ferrony.

School safety (SB 590)-On the desk

If DeSantis signs off, the law will add many new school safety provisions. This includes the requirement for all school security personnel to undergo crisis intervention training.You can find the full list Here..

Parents’ Bill of Rights (HB 241)-On the desk

Once the law is enacted, this policy will create a clear list of parental rights when interacting with schools and health care providers. It may be easier for parents to exempt their children from things like vaccinations and sex education.

Big budget and many other new Florida laws set to go into effect July 1 Source link Big budget and many other new Florida laws set to go into effect July 1


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