CDC Title 42 Order Fuels Racism, Undermines Public Health


the best American doctor, Dr Anthony FauciAnthony FauciFDA Advisory Board To Discuss Antiviral Pill Merck COVID-19 Feehery: Bipartite Build Back Overnight Health Care – Submitted by National Council on Mental Wellbeing – Merck Calls on FDA to Clear Five COVID-19 Treatment MORE days, had a a message for Republican officials who make immigrants scapegoats for the spread of the coronavirus:

“Let’s face reality here.”

“The problem is in our own country,” Fauci explained in a recent maintenance on CNN. “Focusing on immigrants, deporting them … is not the solution to an epidemic.”

Dr FauciAnthony FauciFDA Advisory Board To Discuss Antiviral Pill Merck COVID-19 Feehery: Bipartite Build Back Overnight Health Care – Submitted by National Council on Mental Wellbeing – Merck Calls on FDA to Clear Five COVID-19 Treatment MORE days is not alone. Many public health experts like us are alarmed that the tools of our trade are being turned into weapons against the most vulnerable among us.

To this day, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to support a pseudoscientific and discriminatory policy that the Biden administration uses to carry out mass deportations of asylum seekers, such as the recent appalling scenes from Del Rio, Texas.

Earlier this week, the Biden administration announced its intention to continue this policy despite announcing that tourists, shoppers and visitors vaccinated will now be able to cross our borders, in addition to truck drivers and a long list of other persons qualified as “essential”. who were allowed to cross throughout the pandemic. This week’s announcement once again left out one group: asylum seekers.

Since its inception under the Trump administration, the misuse of “Title 42”To block and deport asylum seekers – despite the objections of senior CDC experts and other public health professionals – was based on political rather than scientific considerations, rooted in racist tropes and populist untruths.

Now, the Biden administration also invokes “public health” to justify the deportation of thousands of people in danger, in violation of national and international asylum laws. By continuing to defend this policy, the CDC sanctions the institution’s continued politicization, weakening its authority and diminishing public confidence in the agency.

In his most recent Title 42 order, the CDC notes the emergence of the more infectious delta variant as one of the main reasons for the continued deportation of asylum seekers. However, the CDC recognizes in the same order that mitigation measures, such as masking and social distancing, help prevent the spread of disease; it even welcomes the ongoing program for unaccompanied minors as an example of the protection offered by mitigation measures.

The CDC’s claims that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) lack the capacity to implement such measures beyond minors are untenable. The agency has an annual budget of $ 18 billion. In addition, more than 20 months after the start of the pandemic, we have a record of implement successfully such mitigation actions by agencies in other US contexts. The United States calls on Pakistan – a country with a fraction of our resources – to keep their borders open to Afghan refugees. We certainly have the capacity to do the same.

The CDC also justifies the Title 42 order by citing the increased risks of transmission of COVID-19 in assembly places. This wrongly assumes that asylum seekers should be detained, a practice long denounced as unnecessary, inhuman and harmful to the health of migrants and surrounding communities.

Public health experts have repeatedly recommended other approaches to safely process asylum claims. Community initiatives as the Family case management program, ensure high compliance at a fraction of the cost of individual detention. Yet these approaches have been ignored, as have public health measures that can mitigate the risks of disease transmission in cases where places of gathering for brief periods cannot be avoided.

The United States has a long history of stoking fears of illness to galvanize support for anti-immigration policies. The agents of the border patrol on horseback terrorizing Haitian asylum seekers are part of this tradition of xenophobia and racism. Senator Ted cruzRafael (Ted) Edward CruzOcasio-Cortez goes indoor skydiving for his birthday GOP gathers around Manchin, Sinema McConnell gets a GOP PLUS wake-up call (R) Texas and Florida Govt. Ron DeSantisRon DeSantisChicago sues police union for refusing to comply with vaccination mandate Crist said as governor of Florida he would legalize marijuana and clear criminal records Big business sided with Texas in fight against the PLUS mandate (R) have blame migrants for the increased rates of COVID-19 in their states – false accounts that epidemiologists and public health experts have demystified.

The ordinance of Title 42 helps fuel this rhetoric. As part of its public health mandate, the CDC should dismantle tropes that portray migrants as vectors of disease rather than promote them.

When public health policy is hijacked to serve political agendas, or to exclude, control or discriminate against certain groups, we are all at risk. War, persecution and torture do not end with pandemics, and the right to seek asylum is enshrined in both international law.

Twenty months after the start of this pandemic, we have an arsenal of proven public health tools, including tests, vaccines, and other common sense public health measures that would enable the United States to effectively treat the asylum seekers. It’s time to end Title 42 for good.

Monette Zard, MA, is Allan Rosenfield Associate Professor of Forced Migration and Health, Director of the Forced Migration and Health Program of the Heilbrunn Department of Population and Family Health at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University . Michele Heisler, MD, MPA, is medical director of Physicians for Human Rights and professor of internal medicine and public health at the University of Michigan. Paul B. Spiegel, MD, MPH, is Professor of Practice, Health Systems, Department of International Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health. Ronald Waldman, MD, MPH, is Professor Emeritus of Global Health at the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University and Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Doctors of the World – USA.


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