Council votes to revoke license of former Vanderbil nurse for fatal error


NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WTVF – The Tennessee Board of Health voted to remove a former nurse from Vanderbilt University after admitting to using the wrong drug that ultimately killed the patient.

Board members voted unanimously on Friday to strip Radonda Vaught of her nursing license and fined her $ 3,000, with a board member saying there was everything simply “too many nursing flags” that Vaught ignored when administering the drug.

In 2019, Vaught was indicted by the Davidson County grand jury on charges of drug abuse of impaired adults and reckless homicide. A criminal trial is expected to take place next year.


Murphey died when she received the paralytic drug Vecuronium Bromide rather than the sedative Versed.

Vaught got the drug from an Accudose machine. According to a report from TBI, when she went to get the drug Versed for the patient. He was not pulling into the machine; so she said she bypassed the system and typed “VE” to search for it and selected the first drug to appear on the list, which was Vecuronium bromide.

The report goes on to explain that Vaught checked the back of the vial but never saw the front or top of the vial, which has warnings. She said that, on the advice of her head of unit, she had never scanned the vial to put it in the medical file.

Vaught told the council she was distracted while pulling the drug and did not read the dastardly to confirm the drug.

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