Count On This Easy Yoga Mudra To Relax, Treat Insomnia


There is no denying that regular physical activity, especially in the form of yoga, not only helps to stay active, but also helps manage lifestyle issues like obesity and excess. stress.

But if you don’t know where and how to start, here’s help from yoga teacher Mansi Gandhi who talked about effective stress-relieving yoga mudra. In yoga practice, mudras or hand gestures are considered to be an effective way of channeling the body’s energy flow which helps it to Relax.

“Hand gestures help stimulate various glands and systems to correct imbalances and make us stronger,” Gandhi said.

Taking to Instagram, Gandhi shared the most commonly used mudra or Gyan mudra.

Here are the benefits of gyan mudra

* Animates the mind, uplifts your mood
* Increases blood flow to the brain
* Helps relax the body, with an inward focus
* It is good to treat insomnia, Diabetes and headaches

How to do?

* Bring the tip of the thumb and forefinger to touch.
* This mudra works best when practiced for 30 minutes every day.
* You can break it up into 15-minute blocks, but it’s most effective when done continuously, Gandhi mentioned.

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