Do you suffer from insomnia? Stop these habits and get a good night’s sleep


After a hard day’s work, everyone wants a good night’s sleep. But, for some people, sleep is a distant dream for various reasons. There are many reasons like work, personal stress, relationships that can ruin a person’s sleep.

Are you one of those people who gets tired a lot but has trouble sleeping? Do you turn your bed uncomfortably and pray for sleep?

If you do this as well, immediately stop these dangerous habits:

Smoking: If you are tired after a long day at work and maybe need a puff to get to bed. But, this slight swelling can be the main reason for sleepless nights. You use nicotine, an active ingredient in tobacco. Nicetone is a stimulant and therefore cannot cause insomnia more often. If you have trouble sleeping and smoke, know that sleep and smoking can’t go hand in hand.

Call: It is advisable to avoid calling before going to bed. You should know that the rays emitted by the telephone or digital device should not be used before sleeping. Checking the phone while lying in bed keeps your mind active and prevents it from resting. Second and most importantly, the phone rays suppress the level of melatonin. This hormone plays a very important role in your sleep cycle. Therefore, if the melatonin level is deficient, you certainly will not be able to sleep.

Caffeine: You may be working from home and you may need caffeine, especially in the evening, to cope with weather conditions and the high pressure of work. The power of a cup of caffeine keeps you energized. However, using caffeine not only allows you to stay active during working hours, but also shows its effect while attempting to sleep! Caffeine keeps our brains alert, which disrupts our sleep cycle.

Late night workout: Training is definitely good for your physical and mental health. In fact, the day you exercise, you’re more likely to sleep like a baby. But, at the end of the day, strenuous workouts after 7 p.m. can take a toll on your sleep patterns. This will interrupt your regular heartbeat while you feel tired from working out late at night and sleep is just steps away from you. This will increase your heart rate and your body will become more active. However, jogging or walking is not harmful.

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