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FORT BENNING, GA – Need to pick up your new prescriptions after hours? No problem. The main pharmacy at Martin Army Community Hospital unveiled its brand new ScriptCenter to the general public on August 2.

“Its main function is to extend the hours of access to the pharmacy in order to target our patients who are working and have to come after hours or on weekends to pick up their medications,” said BMACH pharmacy manager, the captain. Jacob Van Bemmel. . “Pharmacy hours are not always the most accessible for people who travel long distances.

You can register at the conveniently located automated kiosk right next to the elevators on the first floor. All you need is the patient’s prescription number, government ID, and date of birth.

“The pharmacy staff can give you the prescription number for the initial registration,” Van Bemmel said. “Once registered, all they have to do is come back, scan their ID and enter their 4-digit PIN code. ScriptCenter will display their profile and the medications they contain.

Recipients should specifically request that their new prescriptions be filled at the ScriptCenter. New prescriptions will not automatically be sent to the self-service kiosk.

“It will be the same way you ask for a quick comeback,” Van Bemmel added. “Either by calling us at (762) 408-2172, sending a secure message to TRICARE.online which is our preferred and most trusted form of communication, or requesting it from our help desk.

“It has to be pre-coordinated. We need to know before our transaction is completed whether you want to pick it up after hours or not. “

Once you’ve specified a pickup location, medications will be ready within 72 hours. While the ScriptCenter will carry a wide range of drugs, some items are prohibited.

“Initially, we will not be distributing controlled substances,” Van Bemmel explained. “We will not distribute refrigerated items, like insulin. They should therefore plan to obtain them during normal business hours.

“And no mixed or reconstituted drugs like antibiotics, just because of stability issues. We don’t want to put these drugs in there and expire them before people get them. “

Patients can pick up prescriptions sent to the ScriptCenter whenever the BMACH is open, so essentially 24/7. If the drugs are not picked up within three days, they are put back into stock.

“Our advice was that if a patient needs to access the ScriptCenter outside of normal business hours, they should use the emergency entrance,” said Van Bemmel. “If there are any issues, after hours the pharmacy window in the emergency hall will be available to try and get their medication reconciled.”

There are multiple safeguards in place to ensure that recipients get the correct prescriptions.

“Medication is placed one to three at a time in each bag and sealed (tamper-evident). We then scan each bottle and “couple” to the bag. Then, the bags are loaded and returned in their entirety to the patient during treatment, ”explained Van Bemmel. “Not to mention that every transaction requires a patient’s signature and a photo taken… to help us identify if a problem arises in one way or another. It is extremely secure. ”

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