Family Health Center Chronicle: Understanding and Managing Your Prescriptions


By Proni Joshi

JACKSON, MI – Many people have multiple prescriptions that they need to take each day. The more medicines there are, the easier it becomes to miss a dose or make a mistake while taking them.

Medication management is about more than remembering to take them every day. Let’s talk about a few ways to help manage your medications.

Medicines are used either to treat or prevent disease. Understanding why you are taking each medication prescribed for you and how each one works in your body will maximize their benefits.

For example, consuming food with medication can sometimes be helpful in reducing side effects or helping your body absorb the medication. However, with other medications, eating food can have the opposite effect.

Simply put, knowing how and why you take your medications can help ensure that these medications do their job to the fullest – helping you get back to better health.

Your pharmacist can provide you with a wealth of knowledge about your medications, such as when and how to take your medications, if there are side effects, or what to do if you miss a dose.

Pharmacy services, such as managing drug therapy, can help you understand the importance of the medications you are taking, help you keep an eye out for medication-related issues, and identify barriers you might encounter in the process. taking your medication. If you have trouble remembering to take multiple doses a day, perhaps switching to a daily dose will work better.

A pharmacist can also help you with Medication Synchronization, a service where the pharmacy coordinates your prescription refill schedule so you can collect all of your medications at once. This reduces unnecessary trips to the pharmacy. Many pharmacies also offer delivery services.

There are many ways to keep track of your medications. Keeping a list of your medications, using pill organizers, and keeping a reminder on your phone or calendar are all great options. Linking pill taking to daily activities, such as taking your medicine at mealtime or when you wake up or go to bed, can help make it a habit.

Plus, using a single pharmacy for all of your medications will help avoid confusion, medication duplication, and potential drug interactions. Remember, your pharmacist is there to help and can help you feel confident that you are doing everything possible to make sure your medications are right for you.

– Proni Joshi is a pharmacist at the Center for Family Health in Jackson

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