First smoking medical marijuana sold in Shreveport


By Gerry May

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SHREVEPORT, Louisiana (KTBS) – For the first time, medical marijuana patients can turn on in Louisiana.

People lined up outside Shreveport’s licensed dispensary, Hope Pharmacy, which opened Monday morning. And people kept pouring in, keeping the staff busy.

“I’m grateful. Honestly, I never thought I would see it in my lifetime,” said the first customer, who wished not to be identified. “We all know Louisiana is very strict on drugs and narcotics And I’m just happy to see that they’ve become more open-minded.

Pharmacy owner Doug Boudreaux says he and his wife – a partner in the business – prepped 150 prescriptions on Sunday to gain the upper hand.

Boudreaux says that smoking marijuana relieves patients in just minutes, much faster than other forms already available, such as gummies and tinctures. He says the smokable floral form of medical marijuana costs less than other forms and can be used for cooking edibles as well.

“The difference is that the tincture lasts six hours and the smoking form can last two to three hours. So they can take a tincture or gum for six hours, and if they have crippling pain or anxiety, they can vape or smoke, ”Boudreaux explained.

He says levels of THC – the chemical in marijuana that gets people high – are tightly regulated by the state for medical purposes.

“We try to manage patients to keep them in a therapeutic window. Many of the patients we see want to continue to have normal lives and jobs and to thrive in society. We therefore want to maintain this level of freedom from pain and anxiety, without being altered, ”said Boudreaux.

“I think it should be regulated as it is,” he continued. “We are pharmacists who educate patients about the seriousness of this drug. It’s very strong. I don’t think recreation is the way to go due to the potency of this drug. So I think the state of Louisiana is doing it right.

Over the past two years, patients across Louisiana who suffer from various chronic illnesses, such as anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, and other debilitating conditions have been able to obtain referrals from licensed physicians for the treatment. medical marijuana.

The client we spoke to said, “This is going to help me with my neurofibromatosis (which) causes tumors to grow on my peripheral nerves. They are usually benign tumors, but I have them all over my body. As well as insomnia and anxiety.

Boudreaux says that medical marijuana can eliminate the need for multiple drugs without the bad side effects of many drugs.

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