Heavy fines buried in Dems budget bill could impact businesses if President Joe Biden’s vaccine tenure becomes law


(WKBN) – An increase in fines for health and safety violations for American businesses gets a big increase in the Democrats’ budget bill.

According to Forbes, fines are increased tenfold for employers who “willfully” and “repeatedly” violate an employment law section that deals with hazards, death or serious physical harm to their employees.

Fines range up to $ 700,000 for serious infractions for each incident.

If President Joe Biden’s COVID vaccination mandate is enacted into law, these fines could have a huge impact on non-compliant businesses.

Right now, Biden’s proposed fine for vaccine non-compliance through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is around $ 14,000, but companies are concerned that this line item in the bill may increase these fines if the vaccine mandate is promulgated.

Biden is asking OSHA to use its Temporary Emergency Standard (ETS) to promulgate the new vaccine requirements, but that has not officially happened and could face many battles in court as well.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine called the tenure a “bad idea” and Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost joined other state attorneys general in threatening to sue legal action against the administration if these radical mandates are implemented.


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