Insomnia Cookies fall menu is inspired by favorite lattes


While coffee can fuel that late-night study session, the Fall Insomnia Cookies menu will be the perfect sweet treat to pair with this drink. After tempting everyone with these breakfast cookies, these new latte-inspired cookies could become a new favorite treat.

Sometimes a cookie can make any day better. When that box arrives at the door, it’s like unwrapping a promise of happiness. Yes, a cookie can be that good.

Looking at the Insomnia Cookies menu, the flavors are both traditional and innovative. While cookies may be that classic comfort food, they never go stale.

What flavors are on the Insomnia Cookies fall menu?

Available now, the Insomnia Cookies fall menu features three flavors, Matcha Latte Cookie, Pumpkin Spice Latte Cookie, and Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte. Whether you drink the cookies with milk, coffee, or another favorite beverage, these sweet treats are irresistible.

Matcha Latte Cookie is more than its vibrant color. The earthy touch of matcha pairs beautifully with white chocolate chips. For people who prefer a cookie with a sweet touch but a bolder flavor, this cookie is a must-have.

Since pumpkin spice has become the main fall flavor, Insomnia Cookies Spiced Milk Pudding Biscuit elevates those warm spices. Using pumpkin puree and cream cheese shavings, it delivers that warmth with tangy sweetness. Crushed graham crackers also add a nice texture to the cookies.

And, a vegan option of Pumpkin Spice Latte is just as delicious. The flavors are similar, but they fit into the vegan lifestyle.

Which Halloween cookies are coming to Insomnia Cookies fall menu?

Starting October 27, Insomnia Cookies will be offering a limited edition Halloweeknd Special. All three cookie flavors will have everyone skipping Halloween candy for these cookies.

The Deluxe Tricked Out Cookie incorporates Snickers and M & M’s candies into the cookie base. Then the cookie is topped with Snickers. While there is plenty of candy in the mix, each bite strikes the perfect balance between cookies and candy.

For brownie fans, the Tricked out Loaded Brownie is an indulgent offer. Topped with cookie butter, M & M’S, Twix and Snickers, these brownies are rich, but totally irresistible.

Finally, the Tricked Out Lil ‘Dippers. These 12 chocolate chip cookies are topped with Twix, Snickers and M&M and are served with a butter cookie dip. He gives everyone permission to play with their food.

What is your favorite Insomnia Cookie flavor? Do you order these cookies late at night or anytime?

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