John Brooks Recovery Center Expands Drug Assisted Treatment Program Hours of Operation


The John Brooks Recovery Center is extending the hours of operation for the Drug Assisted Treatment Program.

“MAT is a long-term approach to recovery that includes the use of medication (i.e. methadone / suboxone / vivitrol) in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies as an effective form of treatment for related disorders to opioid use, ”said Michael Santillo, CEO of JBRC.

In an effort to serve more people in and around Atlantic County, the John Brooks Recovery Center (JBRC) has announced that it will now offer evening hours for its Drug Assisted Treatment (MAT) program at its location. of Pleasantville.

“MAT is a long-term approach to recovery that includes the use of medication (i.e. methadone / suboxone / vivitrol) in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies as an effective form of treatment for related disorders opioid use, “said Michael Santillo, CEO of JBRC.” By extending our hours of operation into the evenings, we will make MAT more accessible to more people and serve a population of people than we do. have not been able to serve so far. “

The new evening hours will be Monday through Saturday from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. at the JBRC’s Pleasantville location at 660 Black Horse Pike. These hours are in addition to the regular MAT program hours Monday through Friday 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Saturday 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. in Pleasantville and Atlantic City at 1931 Bacharach Boulevard.

As part of this MAT program, JBRC offers the following treatment services: medication assisted treatment; individual, group and family counseling; psychoeducation courses; peer recovery support services; case management services; HIV / hepatitis C test; counseling, prevention, treatment and coordination of nursing care, HEP A and B vaccines. “Our ultimate goal is to treat the whole person by integrating primary health care, behavioral health care and recovery support services” , said Michael Santillo, CEO of JBRC.

JBRC’s MAT treatment program is comprised of professionals in the fields of medical, clinical and administrative expertise. “Patients will receive methadone / suboxone medications individually prescribed by a licensed physician or advanced practice nurse,” Santillo said. “You will also meet regularly with a counselor, attend groups and access ancillary services as needed. “

According to the JBRC, the use of drugs such as methadone and suboxone in combination with counseling has been shown in numerous studies to be one of the most effective treatments for opioid use disorders. “These drugs eliminate withdrawal symptoms and dramatically reduce cravings, allowing an individual to focus on their treatment and recovery,” Santillo said. “They also dramatically reduce the incidence of overdoses, as well as the spread of HIV and hepatitis C.”

The increase in the hours of the MAT program aligns directly with the JBRC’s mission to provide the highest quality, evidence-based treatment services to help people overcome substance use disorders. regardless of their financial situation or their socio-economic background. “As soon as people walk through our door, whether for primary care or treatment for substance abuse disorders, they will be screened for physical health needs, substance abuse disorders and mental health treatment.” , said Santillo. “It finally allows us to bridge the gap between primary health care and behavioral health care and give patients back what they need most: their quality of life. “

If you or someone you know has a substance use disorder, please call the JBRC today. For Residential Programs – Residential Detoxification / Withdrawal Management, Short Term Residential or Long Term Residential, please call 609-345-0110. For Outpatient Programs – Opioid Treatment Program, Intensive Outpatient Program, or Standard Outpatient Program, please call 609-345-2020, ext. 6182, 6180 or 6179.

About the John Brooks Recovery Center

Founded in 1969, the John Brooks Recovery Center provides one-on-one, quality treatment services to help individuals overcome substance use disorders. Programs include: Residential, Outpatient, Medication Assisted Recovery, Detoxification, and Inmate Reintegration. To learn more, visit or visit them on Facebook @JohnBrooksRecoveryCenter.

About the All Roads Recovery Community Center

All Roads Recovery Community Center, the community recovery arm of the JBRC, helps anyone struggling with an addiction navigate the next steps on their recovery journey. All Roads currently offers a wide variety of recovery groups, as well as one-on-one coaching with Certified Peer Recovery Specialists (CPRS). To learn more, visit, call 609-457-1080 or visit them on Facebook @AllRoadsRCC.

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