Letter: Congress must act to lower prescription drug prices


Everyone should be able to access and afford the medicines they need to live the healthiest life possible. As drug prices have risen, insurers are shifting the costs onto consumers and suffering families, unable to afford the drugs they need. This puts families across the country at risk for health problems, as shockingly high drug prices prevent them from maintaining their health. We cannot remain silent while this continues.
To lower drug prices for everyone, Congress must allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices, end monopoly corporate control over drug prices, and help people pay for out-of-pocket expenses!
For the Build Back Better program to pass and prescription drug prices to be reduced, we will need a huge boost to tackle the influence of the big pharmaceutical companies on members of Congress.
Falling prescription drug prices will benefit seniors, families, employers and the thousands of COVID long-haul travelers currently facing chronic illnesses. Comprehensive reform is hugely popular because Americans from all walks of life are tired of paying for the drugs they need to survive.
No one should have to ration drugs in a country as wealthy as ours.
The $ 500 billion in savings that would result from giving Medicare greater bargaining power could be used to expand our nation’s health care infrastructure and ensure that everyone has access to the care they want. requires.
The top priority for Congress must be to tackle outrageous list prices charged by manufacturers, which drive costs up the system. Additional policies aimed at controlling prices are expected to resolve issues throughout the supply chain. The repercussions are appalling when our loved ones skip medication. Whether they have diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, or other chronic illnesses, skipping medications can lead to poor health and even premature death. It’s time for everyone to work together to curb the rise in prescription drug prices so that we can improve the health and save the lives of countless Americans.
The end of the pharmaceutical industry’s monopoly control over drug prices is more than necessary.

John Viacrucis lives in Moorhead.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Forum editorial board or the property of the Forum.

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