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I hate being smug but I’ve always been a really good sleeper – a little sleepy girl for 9 hours a night. I really slept during an earthquake despite the epicenter being 5 minutes from my house. In any case, I digress. Since I got pregnant my sleep has been a nightmare – and yes, I know it will only get worse when the baby actually arrives.

I finally understand the nocturnal frustration suffered by insomniacs. The struggle to fall asleep, to wake up hours later and stay awake until the sun comes up. The emotions, anxiety, irritability and often depression that accompany lack of sleep are terrible. And it seems that I am not alone.

A study by Formulate Health found that 36% of UK adults have trouble falling asleep at least once a week. Each month in the UK, the question “how to sleep fast” is put on Google 6,700 times, with Google Trends revealing that the majority of these searches are carried out between 1 am and 4 am.

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So, we are a nation of insomniacs – but what can we do about it? I decided to talk to Malminder Gill – an award winning hypnotherapist, author and sleep expert who has just been appointed to head The Cadogan, the “Sleep Concierge” of a Belmond Hotel. In an effort to combat “coronasomnia” and ensure that guests get a good nights sleep, the hotel asked Malminder to share his best tips for inducing sleep in their rooms, a tea and coffee. a pillow mist to improve sleep when viewing a pillow menu. . Here, Malminder has shared the five essential and sure-fire sleep tips that she says will help cure your insomnia.

1. Sip sleep tea

The first thing you can do to try and get yourself a good night’s sleep is to prepare yourself some “sleep tea” before bed. Malminder swears by an infusion of sleeping chamomile. “Chamomile is generally considered a mild tranquilizer due to the presence of an antioxidant called apigenin, which binds to specific receptors in the brain that can decrease anxiety and initiate sleep,” she said. .

2. Try the 7/11 breathing exercise

Malminder is an expert at recording meditative exercises, in which she purposefully guides the listener through a breathing process that encourages a longer exhalation. This technique is commonly known as 7/11, a simple exercise where you inhale for a count to 7 and exhale for a count to 11. “When we breathe in this way it calms our body and distracts our mind. from any stressful or distracting thought is like breathing out all the stress. To sleep quickly, we need to switch off and the evening meditation breathing exercise facilitates this process, ”she explains.

3. Choose a pillow that suits your breathing

The average person will spend around 26 years of their life asleep. This equates to 9,490 days or 227,760 hours in bed. So why on Earth are so many of us willing to accept something other than the very best pillows? Malminder thinks that while this is a very personal choice, she suggests making the decision with breathing in mind. “When choosing a pillow, ask yourself, ‘Which pillow is my breathing being maintained at optimum? “For some this may be a firm pillow while for others, depending on the position they sleep in, it may be softer.” Stuck for which one to choose? We’ve rounded up the best pillows for a plethora of needs different so you can browse them.

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4. Choose your sheets wisely

Besides plumping up a good quality pillow, Malminder swears by 100% cotton sheets and thinks we should settle for nothing less. “An uncomfortable bed paired with a restless mind is a recipe for a sleepless night. There are times when you can be so tired that you can sleep no matter how comfortable you are, but most of the time we don’t reach it. not that level of exhaustion. Most of us fall under the category “I sleep well, but it could be better with better and longer sleep.” A comfortable bed helps relax the body for longer, ” she declared.

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5. Use a pillow mist

Malminder helped prepare a pillow mist for the Cadogan guests and says we can all replicate it at home. “The Pillow Mist includes a blend of incense with soothing lavender and marjoram to soothe and relax the mind,” she said. “These aromas cause our bodies to produce certain hormones – mainly melatonin – which promote restful sleep.” You can always try mixing one up yourself at home or turn to Etsy, where an expert can do it for you.

Sweet Dreams!

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