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For so many people, the coronavirus pandemic has immersed us in a new way of life and created unprecedented challenges, especially for those most at risk due to age or underlying health issues. Yet, thanks to the COVID-19 vaccines, we were able to begin to regain a sense of normalcy. Receiving the vaccine was the relief needed after a long year.

The United States has led the charge in vaccine development and administration, which could not have been done without the strength of research and development in the pharmaceutical industry.

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However, there have been recent policy proposals at state and federal levels that would threaten medical innovation and research. Prescription pricing policies could hamper medical innovation and research, threatening the lives of people with rare diseases, chronic diseases and populations at risk.

Reducing patient health care costs and our country’s health care spending in general is an important goal. Developing innovative treatments to improve the way we treat complex health issues dramatically reduces the financial pressures facing patients and communities. Access is also essential, and we must ensure that patients can get the drugs that are best for them without having to pay high fees or deductibles.

The United States could not lead the production and administration of the COVID-19 vaccine without innovation. If prescription pricing legislation stifles innovation and endangers the next generation of treatments and cures for millions of Americans, we will have lost our critical edge.

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