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Quintana Roo, (August 22, 2021) .- “White balance is the result of Hurricane Grace passing Quintana Roo as a Category One hurricane,” Governor Carlos Joaquín González said.

The infrastructure of the municipalities has not suffered any considerable damage, requiring investment or a budget for its repair and economic revival; however, funds that are not available, since there is no special post to deal with this type of hydrometeorological phenomenon due to the disappearance of the Fund for natural disasters (Fonden). To date, state congressional representatives have not presented any initiative or plan that would allow immediate resources for such cases.

The resources available to the state government to deal with this type of disaster were those of Fonden, which, according to the Official Journal of the Federation (DOF), disappeared on Wednesday, July 28 of this year: “The agreement is repealed by which the General Regulations of the Fund for Natural Disasters published in the Official Journal of the Federation on December 3, 2010 is published.

The Fonden was a financial instrument within the National Civil Protection System (SNPC), from which resources were drawn to deal with emergencies due to natural disasters, which cannot be predicted, such as hurricanes, cyclones and earthquakes, which disappeared to the argument of the federal government that it was a “petty cash” for officials who made purchases without bidding.

Therefore, according to the opinion approved by the Congress of the Union, the budget previously allocated to the Fund for Natural Disasters would have been reallocated to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, other health and economic problems. , as well as to ensure the continuity of social assistance programs.

With data from the Ministry of Finance, nearly 14 million pesos were used in reconstruction projects, nationwide, in 2019, including 562,000 pesos for Quintana Roo, invested in the reconstruction of federal roads and Condition due to heavy rains; While in the first half of 202.0, 6.2 billion pesos were used nationwide, and Quintana Roo was not on the list of recipient states for that year.

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