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Senator Judy Ward, R-Blair / Cumberland / Franklin / Fulton / Huntingdon, speaks on behalf of Senate Bill 668.

Seniors in Pennsylvania can benefit from reduced prescription drug costs through the PACENET program.

PACENET was established in 1996 to provide additional pharmaceutical benefits to Pennsylvanians aged 65 and over. Eligibility for the program is based on income.

The State Senate recently unanimously approved Senate Bill 668, which extends the income eligibility of the PACENET program by $ 6,000 for individuals and married couples. It also eliminates what is known as the PACENET premium “Recovery”. Currently, PACENET cardholders pay a co-payment for each claim as well as a monthly referral premium or a monthly Part D plan premium.

The PACE program pays the initial premium charges but recovers these charges at the point of sale with each subsequent claim. The practice is known as PACENET premium clawback and can be confusing for the cardholder, the pharmacy, and other entities such as the PACE call center or legislative district offices because the cardholders cards with infrequent claims can incur significant costs. “points” at the point of sale.

Clawback is made possible by allowing the PACE program to enroll a cardholder enrolled in a Medicare Part D plan that meets their prescribing needs, allowing the Department of Aging to absorb the cost of removing the card. recovery of the PACENET premium.

“As the costs of pharmaceutical drugs have increased every year and many older Pennsylvanians depend solely on social security or fixed incomes, as drug prices continue to rise, they become unaffordable very quickly,” said Senator Judy Ward, R-Blair / Cumberland / Franklin / Fulton / Huntingdon, in the Senate. “This measure is a priority for the Department of Aging and is supported by the Pennsylvania Council on Aging and AARP Pennsylvania.”

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