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I love podcasts and am looking for the one that covers everything that is important in the world? The one that comes in the form of stuffy and digestible episodes that makes you laugh, think and want to participate in the chat?

It would be Life edit, Yahoo Life’s all-new podcast, where with every episode, Lifestyle Editor Flic Everett talks to the experts about the big things on our radar.

This time it’s health journalist Alexandra in the hot seat, speaking about the one big health problem that affects everyone on the planet: sleep – and the lack of it.


The pandemic has caused significant insomnia issues for many of us, with 40% of us reporting poorer sleep since it started, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Alexandra and Cop examine why we struggle to close our eyes and what we can do about it, and discuss whether the usual remedies – milk drinks, meditation, and moderately hot baths – will really do the trick. And when it comes to rest, is it a question of quality or quantity?

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Cop reveals the old-fashioned product that cured her permanent insomnia overnight, and Alexandra recommends sleeping pills that really work and reveals today’s best advice from experts.

The Life Edit podcast is all about sleep - and the lack of it.

The Life Edit podcast is all about sleep – and the lack of it.

“Chronic insomnia is very common,” says Alexandra – “about a third of people in the UK suffer from lack of sleep, and it’s something we really should take more seriously.”

Whether the problem is a snoring partner, annoying toddlers, an early morning wake-up call, or just staring at the ceiling and counting worries instead of sheep, this is the episode with the answers.

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