Top Maricopa County District Attorney Seeks Anxiety Treatment


Maricopa County District Attorney Allister Adel is seeking treatment for an eating disorder and alcohol use.

The county attorney general released a statement Friday saying she was undergoing treatment for anxiety and unhealthy coping mechanisms after “a very difficult year for me medically, professionally and personally.”

Adel fell and suffered a serious head injury on election day last year, requiring prolonged treatment. She has also come under scrutiny after her office laid serious gang charges against protesters. Adel then requested the dismissal and put the senior prosecutor on leave. Prosecutor April Sponsel has filed a $ 10 million claim against the county.

Adel said she tried to fix the issues on her own, but needed to be held accountable.

“I have a difficult journey to do and be better for my friends, family, staff, this community and ultimately myself,” Adel’s statement said. “I hope you will find it in your heart to give me the opportunity.”

Adel, a Republican, was appointed to her post in 2019 and elected last year for a four-year term.

She said she is in daily contact with her staff. She did not say how long she would be away from the office.

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