Walmart + offers deep discounts on prescription drugs; what do they do that other pharmacies don’t?

ALAMEDA, Calif. (KGO) – Walmart + is a membership program that costs $ 12.95 per month or $ 98 per year. It offers free delivery and delivery, gasoline discounts, and ways to speed up the buying process. Now he is offering big discounts on prescription drugs.

Walmart says the average drug discount is 65%, and some prices are slashed up to 85%. A pile of drugs costs only two dollars for a month’s supply under the Walmart + program.

7 On Your Side asked Walmart for an interview; he declined. So we turned to the creator of, Dr David Belk.

“There is nothing magical about what Walmart does,” says Dr. Belk, “or what pharmacies do that offer prescription drugs for cheap money.”

Dr Belk is an Alameda-based consumer advocate. He has been spreading the word for years that many prescription drugs are very cheap.

“People are so used to using their insurance to buy these drugs that they have lost touch with the fact that these drugs are not very expensive to start with,” Dr. Belk told 7 On Your Side.

Dr Belk says the best way to get a deal is to shop around and ask for prices with and without insurance. Often the costs are lower when you don’t use your insurance.

7 Michael Finney of On Your Side asked him what does it mean that Walmart + offers such a drug benefit?

“Having said that they are ready to get ahead and talk about something that everyone should know, but not enough people are talking about it,” says Dr Belk. “They’re just advertising a policy that a lot of other pharmacies are willing to do, but not yet ready to advertise. That’s it.”

In some states, Walmart offers some drugs for free, but not here in California. Here, customers who purchase these drugs will be charged $ 2 for a monthly supply.

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