What can people do for high blood pressure?


Half of adults in the we have hypertension, Where high some blood pressure. Dr. Raghu Tadikamalla, a cardiologist and approved specialist in clinical hypertension To Allegheny Health Network, said we can to do Following To to bring this number down.

What are the current recommendations for blood pressure?

Hypertension is any number greater than 130/80, but ideally we want that higher number to be less than 120. High blood pressure rarely has symptoms, so for younger people without risk factors we recommend having it checked once a year. People at high risk should have it checked more frequently.

What are the risk factors and causes of high blood pressure?

Most of the hypertension cases in this country are what I call “lifestyle hypertension” because it is so associated with lack of physical activity, high salt diets and processed foods and high blood pressure. overweight. Other risk factors include family history, advanced age, smoking, and heavy drinking. Whether it’s obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, lifestyle factors, or even shiftwork, sleep disorders can also increase your risk. And some medications can contribute to high blood pressure, including the pain relievers commonly used with ibuprofen and naproxen.

What’s the best way to prevent or lower high blood pressure without medication?

Food is the key. That’s why the AHN Center for Global Hypertension includes dietitians who help with everything from eating habits to attention to labels. Sodium is hidden everywhere, so you really have to check the labels. I had a patient who ate a lot of cottage cheese to stay healthy, but cottage cheese was loaded with sodium, so his blood pressure was not going down.

What makes the AHN Center for Global Hypertension stand out?

Many patients who come to our center have resistant arterial hypertension that requires a high number of drugs or have drug intolerance. There are many drug options out there, and we have had more experience, especially with some that are less commonly used. We also have more experience with the intricacies of diagnosing and treating different patient profiles. Our AHA Comprehensive Hypertension Center certification indicates high standards in technical capability, research and comprehensive care delivery.

Half the country suffers from high blood pressure. What will it take to improve this?

Patients and clinicians need to take the numbers seriously and be aggressive. This doesn’t necessarily mean treating everyone with medication immediately, but it does mean faster follow-ups, frequent monitoring if something goes wrong, a greater focus on lifestyle changes, and action with medication when needed. On the positive side, I stress that studies show that there can be incredible improvement in blood pressure, cholesterol, and longevity, even with losing 5% of your extra weight. Small, consistent changes can make a huge difference.

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