With Titan EyeX, your prescription glasses get smarter


Titan Eye + presents its EyeX which is aimed at users of corrective lenses. “The whole thought process was to design and develop a product with keeping eye care as a central theme,” Saumen Bhaumik, CEO of the Eyewear division of Titan Company Limited told indianexpress.com.

Smart glasses can function as eyeglasses (+/- 5) and are powered by a Qualcomm processor although the company has not specified the chipset version. It comes with a touchscreen control panel on the side and a built-in pedometer to track fitness as well as steps. EyeX also comes with open-ear speakers and can read notifications to the user and will connect with Alexa or Siri. The touchscreen on the side also allows users to control music, listen to calls from their phone, etc.

Glasses start at Rs 9,999 although the cost increases with corrective lenses. These are also sweat resistant with an IP54 rating and come with Bluetooth 5.2. Users can also use them as computer glasses, which means they can function as “Blue Ray” protective lenses. They can also choose photochromatic lenses for indoor / outdoor use.

The glasses have a USB port option for charging and can last from four to five hours of continuous use. Users have the option to turn them off when not using smart functions.

Titan’s point of view is that glasses are mostly used all day, especially for prescription users. “Specification is a constant endeavor and anyone who uses glasses for prescription purposes, that frame stays on your nose for 12, 14, or 16 hours. Our reasoning was whether this device could do more than what it already does, ”Bhaumik explained.

When asked if the battery life was too short, he replied that it would be enough for continued use for most users.

It’s also worth noting that this is actually Titan’s third iteration of smart glasses, and the company is incorporating lessons from previous releases with the newer variants. The company first launched smart glasses in 2019 during Diwali and “has sold some 100 pieces,” according to the CEO. He then followed up with the Fastrack audio sunglasses.

And Titan has learned some lessons from the previous two variations, which can be seen in EyeX. “In the first version, the form factor was a big deal. It didn’t suit many faces. Also, we had to incorporate all the electronics inside and size was an issue. The second version looked more like sunglasses. In this version we have used a shape that fits most Indian faces. It also weighs only 34 grams and is one of the lightest options for sitting on your face, ”he pointed out, adding that they had used a special algorithm to determine the best shape of glasses for. most Indian faces.

Titan also added an app this time with the EyeX, which was missing in previous versions. The company claims that this new app can add additional functionality for customers.

In Bhaumik’s view, the smart category will continue to grow at a rapid pace with near triple-digit percentage growth, and that’s exactly why Titan doesn’t want to be left behind.

While the biggest tech companies, such as Apple and Meta, plan to launch glasses with built-in AR and VR functionality, Titan chooses to focus on what it knows best: comfort and familiarity with certain smart features. . “There is no indication that there will be a slowdown in this segment. More consumers will come in. The form factor, the comfort, the functionality and of course the price will determine who wins it in the end, ”he added.

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